Saturday, December 12, 2009

First sample review

Hubby and I went to bed kinda early last night since we have both been kinda tired. So I woke up early this morning and did a nice Wii Active workout (those are really good to keep me from getting bored.)

Then I decided to try one of my Archer Farm samples (mainly since it was the weekend and I had time).

The Honey Multigrain pancakes where on the menu. Loved the smell when I opened up the bag, and quite excited to see it was resealable (big points in my book).

I only used 1 cup of mix which made about 7 pancakes. (Some have been saved for another morning, I could not eat all of them). I used water instead of milk (these are not high calorie, but I like to save where I can).

The batter was lumpy, but the box said it would be. They cooked up nice and quick only about 1 min per side and did not get burnt at all. I will say I tasted the batter and it was interesting to say the least and was a little unsure how the pancakes would taste, but there where great! They had flax seed in them and where very filling, with just s little butter and a side of coffee this made a great breakfast. I would highly recommend these if you like multigrain pancakes!

After breakfast, I helped the hubby make a template to hang up all of mom's curtain rods. Apparently it worked great and they where done in record time.

I on the other hand went to my craft aunt's house to finish my part of a Christmas project we are working on. I was nervous about the parts I had to do and be crafty with, but they came out great and I am really proud of myself , sorry can't put pictures up yet;)

My aunt and uncle got pizza for lunch and where nice enough to share. I had 1 and a half slices of olive pizza. It was really good or I was really hungry, even though those pancakes kept me held over nicely.

Afternoon looks to be running errands with the hubby, cleaning, and cooking baking. Tomorrow is family cookie baking and putting up mom's curtains so I need to be productive today!!

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