Sunday, December 13, 2009

Errands and cookies

So the hubby and I decided to run a large number of errands Saturday afternoon. Good thing all the shops are close. It was around dinner time in Costco, so we grabbed some pizza and kept going.

When we got home, hubby wanted to try the egg rolls we got at Costco with a coupon. I tried one and they where not that bad.

Then it was time to make my cookies, as the hubby was going to go do boy stuff. I was not planning on making them all in one might but it just happened!

Here is some chocolate chips in the works.

Our course some sampling took place, well because I love warm cookies and milk!!

Dark chocolate chip cookies (some with white chocolate chips!)

Oatmeal raisins (have to have semi-healthy!)

My new ricotta chocolate chips (have to have a new cookie each year) and on the left are my Chocolate truffles (no baking needed).

I was getting annoyed with my oven until hubby helped me realize that the old silicone sheets where setting off the smoke alarm. I finished my cookies around midnight and was so happy!

Mom came over on Sunday and we made out cookies boxes. Another project done and done!

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