Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday recap and most of Monday

Wow what a Sunday! But I got so much done, I am really starting to relax. Woke up early even after all my cookie baking and did some yoga. My legs had been tight, so these really helped out.

Then we met Mom and Dad for some breakfast, yummy waffle with fresh whip cream and strawberries. Yes I ate it all, with a side of tea!

Then it was back to Mom and Dad's to help hang some curtains. I took my time and them came out pretty well. Read a trick online about using straight pins! I think I might redo some of mine tonight.....

Then it was on to the Annual cookie making with the ladies of the family. This was something we did when I was little and died out for a long time, but after I moved back to where I grew up and my grandmother passed away, it was time to bring it back! It is a great day to spend with the girls and we have a lot of fun. There are the pizzelles we made, anise and chocolate mint! The anise are Grandmom's recipe and the main reason we get together is to make them.

My uncles went mid afternoon and brought us back pizza. Getting a theme for my weekend here?!? But since I was trying some cookies (again) I only had one slice, I was proud of me for that....not all the cookies, but oh well.
After cookie making, Mom had made dinner to bring to my aunt and uncles (my aunt broke both feet the other day). Dinner was an awesome ham, potato salad, and baked beans. I avoided dessert!

After we went home I got the house organized and brought the Christmas cart upstairs. I have to explain the Christmas cart is something my husbands family does every year (so maybe it is an English tradition made it is just a family thing, but we love it). Our cart is not as nice as my mother-in-laws, but it hold more..hehe. The idea is to have a level of sweet treats and one of savory treats to enjoy all throughout the holiday season.
Here is ours this year:

Top level- British Chocolate Roses and Heros (assortments of chocolates), 2 kinds of licorice, dark chocolate blueberries, dark chocolate caramels, Cadbury's chocolates, Candy Cane Kisses, and Dove Dark Peppermint Bark

Middle level- Twiglets, Cheese sticks, multiple bags of crisps, Parmesan crisps, multi seed flat breads, Mixed nuts, cashews, roasted almonds, and roasted peanuts

Bottom level - Holiday Short breads, homemade chocolate chip cookies, Raisinets, and Peanut butter M&M's

So that is the cart that will be enjoyed over the next few weeks (hopefully not too much by me).

Breakfast this morning was the rest of my pancakes from Saturday. They reheated nicely in the microwave. With coffee to go because I had a dentist appt this morning.

Lunch time and I think I am finally caught up. I had some crackers, cranberry cheese, and a few chocolates.
We are having Jamaica beef patties for dinner with mashed potatoes and a veggie. Then hopefully I will workout while hubby finishes our last present. Maybe some curtain fixing or just some TV watching!
Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my...broke both her feet! Ouch. Poor lady. Anyway, your food looks fabulous. Love all those cookies.

  2. Thanks, now is the hard part...not eating them all!!