Friday, December 4, 2009

(Mostly) healthy today

I got up early today to work out, because I have to work late tonight. Did a hip hop workout then got ready for work. Breakfast was a blueberry oat scone and blueberry latte (the muffin was the hubby's but it was blueberry too and wanted to be in the pic).

For not seeming like a lot this breakfast held me over until about 1 PM today. Or I was so busy I did not realize that I was hungry. Lunch was a huge bowl of baby spinach with raspberry dressing (did not use all of it) and some home roasted pumpkin seeds. I did not eat hardly any of this bag but totally enjoyed the crunch.

I am eating healthy today because we have an event tonight for work, which means healthy will be out later tonight for sure. Not sure what we will be eating, but it will be salad, the veggie minded option, and of course dessert. I will let you know what we get later!

So these are for the event later but I had to steal one of each to try. The gold Kiss is Irish Creme and the Green Kiss is a Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle. I love the flavored kisses and figured 2 little ones will not hurt the healthy eating and they smell so yummy!!

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