Monday, January 25, 2010

All packed up

Today is a crazy busy day at work and I will be here late, so I packed up lunch and some dinner snacks as well.

Lunch was spinach salad with slivered almonds, goat cheese crumbles, and cranberries. I also had some chocolate covered raisins and an apple later in the afternoon.

For dinner before my event, I have a salmon cup that hubby found last weekend for me to try and some pita chips.

The Pumpkin Pie Cliff bar I plan on having while I am working. Hopefully it is good. First time I am trying one after reading all about them on other blogs.

I am hoping to workout when I get home tonight. The rest of my chores are all done. On a totally random note, I showered late yesterday and decided to put my hair up so that I would not need to wash it this morning again. I took it out and it was its natural curls. A bunch of people said something about it, so maybe this will be something I do more often.....

I normally hate pictures of myself but think this one is ok....

How is your Monday going?

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