Monday, January 25, 2010

Friendship Yoga

Sunday was a very much a do nothing type of day around our house, and I was just too lazy to post, sorry... I had some "chores" to do in the morning, including getting my Friendship Bread made.

Here is my starter to bake with and pass on:
Then here are my breads ready to bake, with chocolate chips and chocolate and vanilla pudding (since I only had 1 box of vanilla, opps!)

While they where baking I did about 50 mins of Yoga. It was good, but my back is still bothering me and I am not sure why. The yoga was very much a flow series and got my heart up which I loved.
Then I took my bread out of the oven and cut it up before putting it in the freezer to be enjoyed later!
I did have some for my breakfast because after smelling it bake my tummy wanted a piece!

So yummy! Then we did some tv watching and reading before lunch, which was 2 pieces of rye toast with the Costco "butter" cheese from last weekend. Yes it melted like butter and tasted SO AMAZING!

And a side of mixed nuts for protein!
For dinner I made a Mexican Salad since we had a family birthday part to go to.
It was spinach, corn, tortilla chips, salsa, and a sprinkle of cheese. Spicy and yummy! Spicy foods let me eat less and feel just as dull. I love that!
At the family birthday party I was pretty good. I had apple slices and a little dip, a bit of Coffee Ice Cream, and a small vanilla bar not pictured. Since I did not eat much all day I felt ok about that splurge.
Monday's Breakfast was some of my pancakes from this weekend with a little peach jam again, with a side of Earl Gray tea.
Nice and filling. Now back to my craziness of planning stuff with the hubby that is my normal Monday....
Have a great week!

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