Friday, January 8, 2010

Clean sheets

Oh how I love clean sheets. Last night was a do laundry, clean (most of the house) and get stuff done type of night. But I will say there is nothing as motivating as knowing I will have clean sheets to sleep in to get me moving! I did not get all the cleaning done. I wanted to use the Scooba, but did not have D batteries to make this fake wall and allow him to only do half the downstairs at a time. I got them this morning so we should be Scooba-ing tonight! But I will say without having to clean the floors my cleaning time was cut way down!
On to food for the evening. For dinner we had our homemade French Onion soup with rye bread cubes and Swiss cheese. So nice and warm! (Especially after taking down Christmas lights outside!)
Then I did some Yoga that I had downloaded. It was a weight loss, and while I am not trying to lose any weight, I like the quicker pace. That being said my leg hurts this morning so I am not sure if I did something to it then or before. (I think it was before but I am not sure.)
I was feeling a little hungry so had some chocolate cereal. Only about 150 calories and filled the chocolate craving I was having.
Breakfast this morning was picked based on the fact that I could get rid of one container on the fridge if I ate these. So it was pizzelles and Earl Gray tea.
I had some French Vanilla coffee at work, but it was not very good at all...maybe some of the caramel tea later to make up for it.
Happy Friday!

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