Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Early Breakfast

Hubby had to be out of the house early for a meeting, so we where up nice and early. I was not super hungry but wanted some Greek Yogurt. We got a 12 pack over the weekend at Costco. Loved that it was less then $1 per container!

I went with the peach this morning with a little granola and some coffee.

Then since I had plenty of time before work, I got in a great 30 mins of Step Aerobics before my shower and work!

I will say I got hungry around 11 and did not want to eat my lunch yet, so this yummy Cinnamon Chocolate chip cake the boss made was calling my name and I had a piece. So good but no dessert for me tonight!

Do you hate it or love when it when people bring stuff into the office? I had in the middle on this one for sure!

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