Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lazy Day off

So we had an awesome day of doing nothing. Did not leave the house and totally worn PJ's all day! My kind of day. I did some Yoga first thing to get in a good stretch, which I think my body really needed.

Then it was time for breakfast. I had a blueberry scone from the freezer supply and some Mint Chocolate Truffle Coffee.

There was another cup of the yummy coffee while I did my nails!

We spent the day watching shows that we had on the DVR and taking the puppies out. It was really nice and relaxing.
Then it was lunch time and I made myself a nice little plate. Carrots, peppers, pita chips with yummy Costco cheese, and some mixed nuts in the 1 serving size tin. Love this little tin!

Then it was a little sweet, some ricotta cookies and a piece of Toblerone Bar that hubby opened.

It was so yummy. We watched more DVR shows and I finished reading my Tori Spelling book. It was actually really good, if you like her I highly recommend it.
Since we had the time, dinner was a meatloaf with mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy. Love me some comfort food!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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