Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friendship Bread and Crazy Days

It has been a crazy day at work for me. I just getting around to my dinner and breakfast post, which also includes lunch today and a snack.

Hubby was running late last night so I was able to get in 30 mins of good Cardio before he got home. Then it was time to try some of the pasta that Target sent me.

Rachel Ray always say that orecchiette hold sauce well, so I thought it was perfect to try with my homemade mushroom sauce!

Love the smell of garlic and onion in butter. To this I added 2 ounces of mushrooms, 1/4 cup of flour, and 1 cup of soy milk. It made for an awesome sauce and the pasta held onto it so well.

LOVED the little ear shaped pastas from Archer Farms and in a resealable bag!

After dinner I did the Day 6 requirements of my Amish Friendship bread. 3 more days to mush it then I can back and pass it along on Sunday. Good thing we have a family birthday this weekend!

Sat down for the night with a little Diet Root Beer and the DVR!

Breakfast this morning was Greek yogurt blueberry flavor with a little fresh peach jam I had in the fridge, and some coffee on the side.
Then it was time for the craziness at work, but I was having lunch at Cosi! I did the Take 2 with the new Lobster Butternut Squash soup and half a Bombay Chicken Salad Light, as well as some flatbread. Sorry the picture was not great, but the food was amazing.
Then a little sweet that came to the office...chocolate covered Oreo's! So good.
Hoping for a good workout tonight on cleaning night, and maybe taking a class at LA Fitness this weekend. I have a guest pass!

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