Friday, January 22, 2010

Workouts on the brain...

I got all my chores done last night. That makes me so happy for the weekend. I always feel better once all the "womanly" work is done. Dinner tonight was pork chops in a paprika rub with corn and pepper hash, and a very little baked potato.

I changed my workout plan a little because I wanted to get in some ab work. My abs are feeling a little/lot un-toned this week and I hate that feeling. So I did 20 mins of Cardio and Weight intervals and 10 mins of just ab work. Hopefully that will help. Anyone know how often is too much to work your abs?
Then I sat down with some coffee and Chocolate Mint Truffle creamer!
My reward for all the hard work!
Breakfast was Cranberry Biscotti and coffee, nice and yummy.
So I am thinking of putting off the LA Fitness class until next week. I think I want to get some intense Cardio in on my own the next week and then go. I don't want to not be able to keep up. I am thinking about the Kickbox class they offer next Saturday after I drop the puppy off to be groomed...
Happy Friday!

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