Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long and cold Saturday

So I woke up this morning and did a step workout after taking the puppy for a quick walk. Good workout then it was time for some oatmeal cookies with a new coffee. Twas nice before a trip to Costco, Buy Buy Baby, and Yankee candle.
We did lunch before working on a project all afternoon. Rye bread with cheddar and goat cheese toasted. I love cheese!

We spent all afternoon building a floating shelf for the bar. Check out the tool belt I got for Christmas:-)

For dinner we decided to clear out the fridge a little. Not exactly healthy but oh well I was so hungry. Bagel chips, buffalo chicken dip, salsa, green peppers, and a bunch of nuts (not pictured). Nuts are my downfall.

Now out to watch the game, but just water for me! Night night!