Monday, January 11, 2010

Wow is it Monday afternoon already??

Wow I can't believe a day and a half has really gotten away from me this quickly. Let's start off with Sunday morning. I woke up and did a great abs and arms workout. Not really sure the last time I did these 2 areas but I thought it was time and a good way to not do to much. That being said I think I pulled something in my back because today it is killing me. I think I am going to take today off of working out. Which is actually a big deal for me. I love to workout!

Anyway after my workout I started doing things around the house including making a semi-healthy mini cake for Dad's Birthday dinner. Here is my cake coming out of the oven and some cupcakes I made with the remaining batter. It was just a yellow cake mix with the oil and most of the eggs replaced with applesauce. I was not sure what it was going to taste like but it was really good actually.
And here is the finished product with homemade Chocolate butter cream frosting.
Dad loved it so I was quite happy (and I have a little piece left for tonight!)

After all my morning chores I finally was hungry (think the dinner binge on Saturday kept me full) and I had this nice little plate with more Hazelnut Coffee. The coffee was really great it actually had a nutty taste to it.

This was a piece of rye toast with some Morning Star sausage, an over medium egg, and Costco Salsa. This little baby kept me full until we go to mom's for snacks before dinner! I guess eggs do keep you full longer.

So I spend the afternoon at the mall with some friends, cashing in Holiday Gift Cards!! And got a ton! Most of which I think I will even be keeping.
In here is 2 bras from Victoria's Secret (more to come from them online with Gift Cards I still have-Love the Semi-Annual Sale) plus free panties and lip gloss! 2 Shirts from Ann Taylor Loft and note they give cash back from gift cards with less then $5 left, which cover what I went over at Old Navy! At Old Navy with an awesome sale and a coupon I got 2 Cami's. 2 Shirts, a cardigan and a dress for like $25! Finally was Express, where I have not shopped in years, and found some great stuff. I got 2 camis in there as well, 2 dresses, a shirt, and another cardigan which i an not 100% on yet. Over all it was an awesome shopping day and the most I have bought in a long time. I loved it, thanks to all my family for the gift cards!
I came home to a fun surprise, hubby finished the lighted shelf for the bar! Looks so great! Love my handy man! Sorry its a little dark, I wanted the light to show a little...
Then running a little late it was off to Mom and Dad's for a little b-day dinner. We started with cheese and crackers per the normal at Mom's! I only had some veggies with a little cheese and some apple slices, but I had not eaten all afternoon so I thought it was ok.
The birthday boy likes beef, so we had a roast with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, a salad, corn, and corn muffins! I love my mom's corn muffins. Sorry no pictures again:(
Then we had the last of the holiday egg nog (still so yummy) and my cake before giving Dad his present!
Dad got a Flyers Snuggie from us. Mom likes the house a little cool so he is always in a blanket when we go over. Here he is with his favorite granddog in her snuggie!
Love them both!
This morning, was finish off more stuff from the holidays. I had coffee with the last of the oatmeal cookies, which I think make a good breakfast:) Sometimes...
I had a doctor's appt this morning and ran so errands before work, then was on the run all day since I got in. Lucky that I knew today would be this way and I took pictures of my lunch when I made it yesterday!
Here is my turkey, cucumber and mustard on rye
With a side of shortbread cookies, eaten while in a lunch meeting!
That is all for today, should be a quiet night with a light dinner, no working out, and maybe some leftover cake.....

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