Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shopping day

It was a busy day shopping with the cousins and hubby. I was even good in Home Depot. Here are the meals for the day.

Archer Farms Multiseed honey pancakes and coffee for breakfast. Made 6 of these babies so I have some more for later in the week.

For lunch we stopped by Panera. I had the pick 2 with French Onion soup, Cobb Salad, and whole grain bread. It was supper yummy.

Dinner was a snack night after taking down all the Christmas decorations. I had 3 jalapeno poppers, 3 mushroom turnovers, 2 mini egg rolls, 2 spinach puffs, and a chicken puff. It was yummy and not healthy but oh well! Then I snacked on some chocolate while we watched The Hangover again. It was a busy but good day, time for bed! Only 1 day left of my vacation:(

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