Saturday, February 27, 2010

Costco trip and cold treat

Lunch time was our Costco trip time. Have to go during lunch for all the fun samples. I was actually good today and only tried these Veggie Sticks (because I actually have thought about buying them)
I also tried some Emeril's Red beans and rice that was awesome, but really expensive, so Hubby and I found some cheaper rice mix at Wegmans. We got some good stuff at Costco (no picture sorry), but we got lettuce, frozen fruit that is so good, these awesome frozen burgers, eggs and a few other things that I can remember now.

Then we stop to get some lunch before we went to Wegmans for the rice, mustard, Ginger Ale and other things that we do not buy by the gallon! I got the Chicken Bake because it is go yummy. Hubby ate part of this and a hot dog.

When we got home I was still craving something creamy so I made myself a Hungry-Girl Shake. 
This hit the stop for like no calories at all. It was French Vanilla Creamer, Chocolate syrup, Sugar Free Caramel Syrup, ice, instant coffee, and warm water. I added a little Vanilla Ice Cream to make it creamer and left out the sweetener for Lent! Hubby made a strawberry chocolate shake and thinks he might try a smoothie with the frozen fruit during the week! Anything to get fruit and dairy in him works for me!!

Not much else planned for the day:)

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