Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mrs. Pots and I had a date

So I have been on this kick of doing all healthy things lately to get us ready to get pregnant (hopefully this year). One of the things I have been worried about are my allergies. I have some regular allergies (dust mites and citrus cause me to break out like no body's business) but my seasonal allergies can cause me real problems and make me feel not myself for weeks at a time. Jump back to Thanksgiving 2009, we were at my In-laws, and my now pregnant sister-in-law was battling a cold and could not take anything for it. My mother-in-law got out her Neti Pot and had the SIL start using it. Within a day or so she was feeling better for the first time in weeks.

That got me to thinking that maybe I should get one and start working on getting that taken care of ahead of time. Now jump to about a week ago, when I saw this post on Jessica's blog. So these things are more common then I thought, I need to get one.

With the storm coming I thought this would be the perfect weekend and stopped Thursday night to grab it.
So here is my Neti Pot. Love that it is blue and looks like a watering can! I gave it a try Thursday night and again Friday morning. Well I spent all day Friday blowing my nose like crazy. Then when I was talking to my mom about it she said that is normal for like 1-2 days when you first do it. That made me feel better and I did it again Friday night and Saturday morning. Well today has been great my nose is not running and all and feels nice and clear, something I am not normally use to. This thing is a definite keeper. I am going to use it again tonight then cut back to just once a day I think. If you are thinking about getting one I say DO IT. It is about $15 and if it saves on allergy meds will pay for it self in not time. Even hubby has started using it! I think my healthy ways are starting to rub off on him!


  1. I LOVE rinsing out my sinuses every day! I use the nasopure bottle and I find it to be a lot easier to use than the traditional neti. No tipping my head upside down! There is a ton of great information on the benefits of nasal irrigation on the website

  2. Thanks Cara, I think I got one of those coming in the mail as well!