Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy Sunday eats

I will be the first to say my eating on Sunday was not great at all, and when I got on the scale this morning it was up a little bit, but sometimes I think you just needs those days and yesterday was mine. We had a funeral to go to in Brooklyn so it was going to be a weird day I knew that, which I guess helps. .

I started the day off with a nice flowy yoga workout. It worked up a fair sweat too. Hubby and I had a nice breakfast because we were not sure when our next meal would be.  
I had wheat toast with peach jam, 2 MorningStar Farm sausages and an egg with some blueberry flavored coffee. Then we got in the car and headed to NYC. The trip was pretty quick and we got there early so we went on a walk in Brooklyn to find a bathroom and I got a  Dunkin Donuts Latte since we where there! I had packed snacks for the car, but did not eat mine since we made good time both ways.
Here is us coming pack over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
We ordered Chinese on the way home for linner (lunch/dinner) since it was about 3 PM when we ate.

Here is all the food, I had hubby broccoli, crab wontons, and sweet and sour chicken. It was so good and I know I ate too much, but I really didn't care.

Some fortune cookies dipped in dark chocolate.

Later we tried some of the 60-calorie Chocolate mousse we got at the store on Saturday.

Notice the book underneath, maybe this is why I am ok with 1 day of bad eating. The mousse was good but not great. Are we seeing a theme on the chocolate, and it is not even "that time of the month for me."

After that I had the last of the Drumstick ice cream, and some trail mix (aka cranberries and almonds).
Like I said not a great eating day, but I am ok with that, which makes me know that I am making progress somewhere!

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