Thursday, February 25, 2010

For real with the snow this year?

So it is snowing again in the Philly area. I have to say I am kinda sick of it. I use to love the snow, but now it is just getting on my nervous. So totally random, but hubby thinks this sweater looks like maternity wear. Now I see how it can be used as such in the future (and no I am not pregnant....hopefully that will change in the future too). But what is the opinion is hubby right or is it just a cute sweater with many uses??

Dinner tonight was a use of many leftover. We had sweet and sour sauce leftover from our Chinese this weekend so I made mom's Apricot chicken since the sauce is about the same. With the leftover rice from the Chinese as well as some roasted parsnips it was a yummy dinner. I avoided any after dinner treats and got in a good workout. Love a nice dancey workout now and then!

Nothing exciting last night, but this morning I rekindled my love with Special K cereal. I love this stuff and it stays with me awhile. Today I opened Cinnamon pecan with some Tassimo Starbucks, so good.

I plan on leaving work early today because of the weather and my amazing boss! Hope everyone is safe!

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