Monday, February 1, 2010

The Messy Chef

As promised here it a pic of the puppy after her haircut on Saturday.

We did basically nothing on Sunday, just some stuff to get ready for the week/two that is going to be crazy. I got some more grocery, we planned our menus for the Super Bowl, the week, and other things.

Then my Messy Chef, as I am calling the hubby, made some Leeky Cheese dip for lunch. We have a bunch of leeks and love this dip. I am calling him my messy chef because he can not make something without making a mess. It is cute and I have finally gotten over being upset about it.

Here is the dip:

Sliced leeks, Colby shredded cheese, light mayo, light sour cream and some spices:)
Love it and had some with pita chips and leftover gnocchi from Thursday for lunch.

Followed by some Dark Hot Chocolate made from scratch with Lindt Dark Chocolate from Christmas and Soy milk, plus some whipped topping! Love the topping!!!

Some air popped popcorn was had later with a sprinkle of parm cheese on it. (I only ate like 1/3 of this) rest will be had this week...

The chef wanted to try this Super Bowl wings for dinner, so we shared this big plate and I had a salad with spinach, goat cheese, and mushrooms, with a little balsamic vinegar on top.
Wings where good, hubby should be proud.
I needed a little sweet after the wings, so I had this caramel that mom dropped off made by my aunt.

Very creamy and good, so proud I only had 1!!
I did my Monday morning weigh-in to find I am back to my happy weight so that is always good to see.
Breakfast was Greek yogurt with half this little bag of granola from work and some tea. This keeps me held over for so long I love it!

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