Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day 2

So I have a second Snow Day from work, but am going in because I am not pushing back my events any more.

I was nice and cleared off my car and the driveway so hubby could get to work today. Then we had breakfast together. Coffee and biscotti to warm me up.
Then I took the puppy for a walk and send some emails before doing a great workout On Demand. I really love these On Demand workouts sometimes. Today was Kickboxing Bootcamp and again loved it! And got some great cardio in!

The it was time for lunch, although all my meals where packed for a long day at work I decided to make a different lunch since I was home. I bought some MorningStar Black Bean Burgers awhile back and have not had the chance to try them yet. So today was the day. Super easy to, I popped it in the micro for 1 min, put some wheat bread in the toasted, added a little yummy Costco cheese and some lettuce for an AWESOME sandwich. I added a brownie and the apple is for when I get to work later.

Here is my dinner that I packed as well. Some brown rice and a pork stir fry with tons of veggies. A little Mexican Hot Sauce (hot things make me feel full faster.)

There will be a Starbucks as well later with some errands I need to run on the way into work.

It is the weekend yet?

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