Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stupid snow

Breakfast this morning was nice and light since we had a staff meeting with Starbucks coming. I have actually not enjoyed by bucks yet, but will be soon. So breakfast was Earl Grey Tea and Strawberry Greek yogurt.

The boss made treats for our staff meeting toffee goodness and AMAZING brownies. I might have another one later, but I am trying to control myself. (Sorry the pictures are bad I tried to be sneaking about taking them!)

Lunch was a simple salad with balsamic dressing and the last of my parm flatbread.

This snow is really getting on my nerves, I have so much going on at work and home I just need it to all be over. On a positive note, I iced the knot in my back last night and it feels a lot better today. Hope to ice more tonight and maybe tomorrow if I am off work!

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