Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vitamin Randomness

So this is going to be a completely random post for me, but I thought it might be helpful for other people. Here is the deal, hubby and I would LOVE to start our family this year. We plan on starting to try (aka stopping birth control pills) in a few more months. Because of this and my every prepared ways, I talked to my OBGYN last summer about what to do, and got this book...

I really loved this book and it answered a bunch of questions I was too nervous to ask anyone. I highly recommend it. Great ideas on how to get ready for a baby.
That brings me to the main topic of this post, so my doctor put me on Prenatal vitamins last summer. Which I had wanted her to do and all that good stuff. I was happy that she started me on the most "advanced" one with DHA in them as well. I have been reading that is the new "IT" vitamin for pregnancy. Now you don't actually need the DHA until you are pregnant but my doctor said it can't hurt to build up now.
So I started my vitamins every night and after the first few weeks no longer felt like I was going to be sick each morning when I woke up. Yup they defiantly made me feel sick for a while and the $25 a month even with my Health Insurance was not making me happy either. Then in December I went to Target (yes I use Target for everything) to pick up my 30 day supply to find out they where now going to cost $35 a month.
Now I do not want to doing anything that might hurt me in the future, but I started thinking ok so they sell over the counter prenatal vitamins that many people take with no problem. Research mode kicked in and starting looking up what you need/what things have in them and all that good stuff. I even called my OBGYN and the amazing Pharmacist at Wegmans (who has helped me out a number of times) to learn want I need and find out the follow:
1- DHA is important get some
2- No prenatal every has enough calcium
3- Folic Acid is the main difference between OTC and prescription prenatals
4- Other vitamins and minerals are all about the same, including iron another important one for moms to be
So with all this I found that Costco sells a 90 day supply of PreNatal vitamins with DHA for 18.49, and you can get a Folic Acid supplement with 250 pills for $2.99 (I had a coupon). Also with NatureMade Vitamins you can sign up online for an account and get points for each bottle you buy. When you get to 500 points you get a $5 coupon to any store that sells their products.
So now this little 2 part combo only costs me about $6.50 a month compared to $35!
I was pretty proud of myself, I am saving some money that I am sure we can use later and am still getting all the vitamins I need.
Love the feeling of finding a deal!


  1. Those are the ones I was taking! Why did you need to take extra folic acid? I thought the amount in the prenatal was enough??

  2. I think it is most of the time. My doctor and the pharmacist said the difference with the OTC and prescription ones was about 400 mg of Folic Acid so that if I wanted to extra bit to grab a folic acid supplement. They are small and cheap so I figured why not. Hope that helps!