Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad blogger on a lazy Sunday

I was finally starting to feel better on Sunday morning, 3 boxes of tissues later and a very red nose. I started my day with some very flowy yoga.

Then I made some coffee and had some Breakfast, 2 little pieces of Chocolate Chip Friendship Bread.

We spent the morning doing very little, then had some grilled cheese for lunch. Two pieces of this yummy Archer Farms Whole wheat with Gouda and White Cheddar Cheese. Hit the spot.

Later I had a few Starburst jelly beans. I love that they do not have licorice flavored ones. I really dislike black licorice.

Later in the afternoon we decided to finish the garage reorganization project. I think hubby did an awesome job with his tool bench area, shelves, and new tool box.

We also got all the outside tools up out of the way.

And hubby built me this little shelf area for my garden stuff!

And we still have Lowes Gift Cards left!!

We took the puppy for a walk when the rain stopped for a while and then sat down to watch some DVR shows and have a cocktail. This is my nod to St. Patty's Day, Mint Vodka and Diet 7 UP.

Dinner was make at home pizzas. We made 2 and split them. One was Hawaiian with ham, pineapple, and cheese. The other was mushroom and cheese. Both where very yummy!

Then I decided I was still hungry and made a little batch of trail mix.

The mix was:
Roasted Almonds cut up
Dark chocolate cut up

That totally hit the spot and ended the night well!

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