Saturday, March 6, 2010

It was a cake kinda night

I got home early to make dinner for the in laws, but had to run to the ER to get my mom. She is fine but was having some pain in her arm and chest and the girls she works with took her in.

So after that fun, mom spent the night with us just to be safe(Dad is on a golf trip). We had Cottage pie for dinner. Which has onion, ground beef, diced tomatoes, mixed veggies, spices and mashed potatoes. Hubby loves it and it was his day.

Then it was off to Lowes to find his garage shelves on CLEARANCE! So excited loved the prices! We came home for cake and a little drink.

This morning I had another piece of cake because it was so yummy with my coffee. Cake made with 1 egg and applesauce, AMAZING!!

I did some yoga with the MIL which was fun and now we are working on the garage organization.

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