Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning Target run

I love a good morning grocery store run. Today was Target because they are having some amazing sales! I got eggs for $1, bread for $2 a loaf, and more Hamburger Helper because Hubby loves it for $0.75 a box (I had a coupon too). Actually 1 is chicken helper, Hubby loves the Alfredo and I always add veggies to it!

I will say we are both in LOVE with this new Archer Farms bread. It has great flavor and when it is in the toaster Hubby says the house smells like Subway!
Yummy, only 110 calories and a lot of fiber, pick some up if you see it.

I am meeting a friend who is moving next weekend for lunch today at Starbucks, so I kept breakfast light with some Chobani pineapple. This flavor was good but not great, I like the fat-free ones better and the there was no chunks of fruit in this one like I had found in others. Still LOVE Chabani just not the pineapple...

Side of Tassimo Starbucks twas a nice breakfast!

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