Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunny Lunch

I meet my friend Lesley for lunch today to meet her new baby and say goodbye since she moves to North Carolina NEXT SATURDAY! It all happened really fast and is a great opportunity for them, but I will miss her! Anyway I tried the new sandwiched that Starbucks has and they are actually really great. I had the tomato and mozzarella warm very nice for 380 calories. Of course I got my Skinny Vanilla Latte with it!

Sandwich close up (check out the spinach):
 I also tasted the Dark Cherry Mocha that is new while I was there. Not bad but it is super high in calories. Other Starbucks note, check the website Tuesday morning (March 23rd) is free pastry day!

In other news since I was right by the Trader Joe's at lunch I popped in to pick up some things for hubby!

His favorite fried rice and mushroom turnovers! Since I have to work this weekend I thought it would be a nice treat! We don't get to Trader Joe's much since it is all the way on the other side of town, but since it is near my parents new place maybe we will stop by more.

Off to start checking my March Madness Bracket! Anyone else a college basketball fan??

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