Monday, March 1, 2010

A new week

I love the start of a new week. Since I knew I would be having a bagel at work, I just had half a cup of coffee with Vanilla Syrup. (Just felt like using this in my coffee after using it for my shake over the weekend.)

On the way to work I stopped by the grocery store (not Wegmans because they don't carry Chobani) to grab some Greek Yogurts. I normally get them at Costco, but I had a coupon for a free one and Shop Rite had them on sale (thanks Mom for use of your Price Plus Card:)
I got 2 honey (for my MIL who is coming this weekend), pineapple, raspberry, vanilla, and pomegranate. So excited to try the flavors.

I got to work and got my bagel. Love a good Blueberry bagel with a little butter (1/3 at most of this container) and coffee.

Happy Monday! Anyone have anything exciting going on this week?

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