Monday, March 15, 2010

No more BCP's

Well almost. As I have hinted at before, Hubby and I are going to try and start our family in the coming months. Which means for the first time since college I will be going without Birth Control pills. I started on them in college when my friendly visitor came every time one of my roommates did. Ever 2 weeks was not working for me for any reason. I called my mom crying not because I didn't like being away from home (I think she might have wanted that call that never happened) but because emotionally I could not handle a period every 2 weeks.

So jump ahead almost 10 years and now the thought of not knowing when my period is coming and actually not wanting it to come scares me a little. I mean I know that this is something we want to do it is just crazy. 3 more weeks and then time for all the pre-pregnancy charting! I am sure it will all be fine, I just guess I am nervous?

Any advice out there????


  1. The best advice I could give you is to NOT stress about it. Stressing just messes your cycle all up and makes it harder to get pregnant. It took me 9 months for my first and 5 months for my second. Both times after I stopped stressing is when I got pregnant. Also, for the first month off your birth control pills really try and pay attention to your body. Look for ovulation symptoms if you have any.

    Good Luck!

  2. i wish i had some good advice for you, but i don't :( i went off of birth control about a year and a half ago because i didn't feel right taking them. my period pretty much came back as normal! you're going to be fine, just relax so the stress doesn't stave it off at all. this is such an exciting time for you guys :)

  3. how exciting!! this is wonderful news. celebrate it, don't fear it. You're older now and can handle emotions of pms differently than 10 years ago. your body probably wants the break from the hormones. YAY!!

  4. Thanks ladies you are all amazing and can always make me feel better!

  5. I have to agree with some of the other posters... NO STRESS! I was trying to get pregnant last fall and the first two months I was very stressed about it, watching the calendar and always calculating, etc -- and those two months were a bust. The third month I decided to take more of a laid back approach to it, and it was a success! Good luck :)

  6. Thanks Heidi....I am going to try my hardest!!