Friday, March 26, 2010

Quest to Clean

I am on the biggest quest to get my whole house cleaned from top to bottom, so that is what I was doing last night and will continue when I get home today. I am only working a half day to try and get a lot of the cleaning done. The upstairs is almost done as of last night! I am so proud of me.

I did my favorite Exercise TV workout before dinner to get me in the mood to work harder after dinner. This is a great workout I totally recommend it.

Dinner was a Spinach Salad with balsamic dressing again and these meatball bakes from Costco. 20 mins in the oven and these things are great.

My mom and dad want to talk this weekend about changing there eating habits to help then get healthier.... I am actually nervous about talking to them about it, I want them to be healthier with the way they eat but I guess I am just not sure if they will follow through... Fingers crossed! Any advice when helping other change their eating habits?

Breakfast this morning was the rest of my Starbucks scone. It was so yummy warmed up in the micro for 30 seconds, and some Earl Grey Tea

Off to a lunch meeting in a bit, then hopefully getting out of here! Have to clean so I can enjoy tomorrow at my Sister-In-Law's baby shower!!! So excited to see her with less then a month to go!

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