Friday, March 26, 2010

1 down 2 to go

My lunch meeting went well and I had a plate and a half of my favorite Signature Salad from Cosi!

After leaving work I ran all my errands and got home in time to do some yard work. The yard looks awesome and that is one more thing off my list! I love that feeling.

Before I started cleaning I did a Jackie Warner Interval Workout. Nice and tough but I loved it. Then it was time to clean. I got the whole upstairs super clean. I mean carpets steam cleaned, walls wiped down everything! I love that feeling and now just 2 more floors to go!

I did stop in the middle for the last of my pizza from the other night. So yummy it hit the spot.
 Now I am enjoying some chocolate covered pretzels for a job well started you could say.

Tomorrow is a busy day as well I may not post until later in the day, shopping/pedis with mom, SIL baby shower, dinner with the parents, and hopefully a workout and maybe a Green Monster in the AM.

Have a great Saturday!

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