Monday, March 29, 2010

Where do the weekends go?

Sorry again this weekend for being a bad blogger! I just did not have time to blog at all this weekend, so here goes my weekend....
Saturday morning I woke up early and did one of my favorite Exercise TV workouts before getting a shower. After my shower and before Mom came for some girl time,  I made my FIRST GREEN MONSTER!It was really simple and I LOVED IT. These will be showing up more often. Here is my mix:

2 handfuls of spinach (great for the pre-pregnancy eater)
Soy milk
6 pieces of frozen peaches

Blended up and then served with a side of coffee. Twas good. Then it was time to run out with Mom and get a pedi before the SIL's Baby shower, but not without a quick stop at Starbucks! Loved my Skinny Decaf Caramel Latte! Got my toes a lovey shade of red, thanks Mom and off to the shower we went.

I took a pic with the mom-to-be and her SIL, not great of me, but the only one I had. The shower was really nice and I can't wait for Baby Girl to get here!!

Here is my 1 glass of wine and the chocolate covered pretzels that my MIL made!!

We started with a nice light salad

which was followed by fish and chips (remember the pre-pregnancy fish list). Love the English side of my family!

We ended with some Strawberry Shortcake, per usual I left the cake part!

Then I went back to Mom and Dad to talk to them about getting better and cutting out the carbs. It went better then expected with my Dad, we will have to see how things go....

We ordered out for dinner and Mom and I split this Veggie Calzone. It was really good, not overly cheesy.

I was still hungry and at Mom and Dad's for awhile, so I had some of the Christmas Giradelli's Squares and this Raspberry hot chocolate. Both where great and much needed after a long day of not getting much done for me....

Sunday morning I got up early and started to clean the basement, hubby was away for the weekend so I had a lot of time to do things my way! After my breakfast of toasted almond pancakes with coffee

I started cleaning....and cleaning...took a break to take puppy to get groomed, sorry I did not take a picture but she looks so cute!! After I finished the basement including cleaning the carpets, I had some M and M's for energy (from the shower)!

I picked the puppy up and then continued to clean until about 1 PM. I then had my last MorningStar Farm Black Bean burger with Munster cheese on spinach. Random but it hit the spot!

I did a little shopping with Mom and got a baby shower present for another friend before coming home to do more cleaning. I am happy to report that almost all the cleaning is now done, just a little left to take care of, then I all done the Spring Scrub!

Before dinner I did some Yoga to stretch my body out. Dinner was broccoli with cheese sauce, again weird I know but it hit the spot.

When hubby got home we watched some DVR and I had some Starburst Jellies (it is Easter Week!) and a little unpictured dark chocolate.

That was my weekend in a big nut shell.

Anyone do anything fun this weekend?

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