Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday of my bad blogger weekend

Sunday I slept in until 8:30, which is actually really late for me. I took the puppy for a walk and then did some Exercise TV yoga. Love a good Sunday Yoga. Hubby and I had some breakfast before heading out for some errands. Special K Fruit and Yogurt cereal was perfect with some Coffee.

We ran a ton of errands yesterday, Lowe's, Dick's, and the grocery store to pick up some sale items before coming home. We also grabbed this Garlic Flatbread at the store to split for lunch. Twas quite yummy I do say.

Then we spent some time with the pup and took her on a nice long walk by the water before starting on some yard maintenance. Hubby had done the grass on Saturday, so I weeded all the flower beds and we added some edging around the front of the house. It looks awesome now we just need to get some more mulch and pretty flowers.

After the outside work I did another room on my quest for my Spring Scrub of the house. I got mom's steamer and carpet cleaner so watch out this weekend!! I love a clean house:)

After working around the house all day hubby and sat down for a bit with a cocktail, Mint Vodka and Diet 7 Up while dinner cooked.

We made Shepard's Pie so that hubby has some extra for later in the week. Love this dinner

All set with the little one watching in the background!
After dinner we headed over to my aunts for a family birthday party. Yummy desserts where had. I did good at first but then went down hill after my plate... strawberry, ice cream cake and small vanilla bar not bad....

The other vanilla bar, half and cookie and Swedish Fish not needed. I did a lot today and probably can take the extra calories, however, from all the books I have been reading I know I just have to stop thinking that I will never be able to have that "whatever" again. That is the real problem I need to work on...

Anyone else have that problem?? Any advice would be great, how do you stop at just one taste?

Hope you had a great weekend, anyone do anything fun in the nice weather?

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