Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where is the week going?

Wow I am not sure where the time is going. So last night with the rain Hubby and I had chili for dinner. Love a nice warm bowl with some chips and cheese.

After dinner I did a Kim Kardashian Butt workout. These workouts are no joke. Then hubby and I sat down for some DVR time and working on a special project!

Breakfast this morning was light since I was stopping at Starbucks for free pastry day! Did you get yours? Mine will be making an appearance tomorrow (well half of it at least).

Breakfast was Honey Greek Yogurt, not my fav but still good and some Tassimo Coffee.

I did some chores around the house since I was coming in a little late (we have an event tonight) and I am almost done another 2 rooms on my Spring Scrub!

So on to the Bucks where I tried this Dark Cherry Mocha Frap while I waited for my order.

Very yummy but not sure it is worth the calories. We had our staff meeting with coffee, Decaf Skinny Vanilla for me and amazing chocolate cake care of the the Boss. She is the best baker!

Lunch was light with just a spinach salad with mushroom, cranberries and balsamic dressing since I am not sure what dinner will be. 

More to post later, sorry this week is CRAZY!!

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