Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Little Saturday

Since I knew we had a busy day I woke up and did my 10 lb Slimdown Yoga right away. Huge thanks to Exercise TV for getting me all the workouts!! The yoga was very flowy and really got the heart going.

After yoga I had some breakfast, 2 soft boiled eggs, some toast, and MorningStar Sausage with some blueberry coffee.

Hubby worked on a project for a bit (coming soon) while I did some reading. Then both he and puppy came to work for a couple hours with me.

Yup both not paying attention. And I did promise him Wendy's for lunch. I had a small chili and a small Frosty. Love the FROSTY!!
After work we did a grocery store run. Acme was having some huge sales! We never buy this much (except at Costco).
I found the new Yoplait Greek Yogurts, 2 new breads, chips, some quick dinners since I have crazy times coming up at work. It was a lot (but I had a gift card to use up) but all stuff we needed soon. Can you see on the end what was on sale as well?

All of the Clif, Luna, and Zone Perfect Bars were $1! So hubby and I went a little crazy. But with trips coming up this summer I like to just throw these in my bag in case of an emergency. I LOVE BARS!

We did some chores after shopping then made dinner before sitting down to clear up the DVR some.

We tried this new pizza crust from Target. It smelled really good and cooked up nicely.
Here is our cooked pizza with mushrooms, olives, and cheese (the meat side is hubby's)

Here is my plate:
It was good might we might just give up the pizza adventure and realize the place down the street does a much better job!

A little snack and we called it a night!
Today is an off workout day for me and I am going shopping with mom so I will be back later tonight with the days eats!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. awesome shopping loot!

    enjoy your off day!

  2. Thanks I was most excited for the all the bars!!