Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Funday and a Busy week

Sunday was another off day in my 10 lb Slimdown, but I spend the day at the mall with mom and doing some yard work so I think it was a good day that way.

Breakfast was smoothies that Hubby and I made, Chocolate Strawberry Pineapple flavor.

We used:
7 Frozen Strawberries
10 chunks of pineapple
Chocolate Syrup
1.5 ish cups of milk

Perfect wit a side of tea

Lunch was a Greek Salad from Saladworks and roll that I shared with mom.

Before we left the mall we hit up the self serve frozen yogurt stand. First time for both of us, but after seeing Leslie talk about frozen yogurt the last few days I needed some too.

Here is my cup that I kept small. It has dark chocolate and vanilla yogurt with kiwi, pineapple. blackberries, mango and cookie pieces. Twas so nice.

Since I ate well all day hubby and I had snacks for dinner (really we wanted to use the mushrooms to make breaded mushrooms and the rest was well you can see!!)

Breaded mushrooms, egg rolls, spinach puffs, and broccoli with cheese sauce. Not the best but so yummy.

This morning I got back on track with some Special K and tea.
Lunch was a PB sandwich on Honey Wheat bread and an apple, with Cadbury Mini Eggs for later!
It's a 4 day week for me so that will keep me going this week. What will keep you going this week?


  1. the number on the scale is what will keep me going. you know ive been meaning to try cheesy broccoli but i just ran out...i have a block of cheese that i bought specifically for it...darn it.

  2. Is it sad that I love broccoli with cheese..hahaha!