Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Only 2 more days to go

So glad that I only have a 4 day week this week. This one is killing me. I had some dark chocolate before heading to my afternoon event at work.

After the event I went home and hubby and I made dinner. Beef patties, potatoes, and corn (very bland but we are out of peas that we normally have with this.)

Table was in use so we ate at the couch.

After dinner I did my 10 lb Slimdown. Boy is that workout kicking my butt. While I worked out, Hubby finished the project on the table. My new step stool painted to match our bedroom!

Since hubby added shelves to our closet, I have not been able to reach all my stuff. So he made me this step stool to get to the rest of my shoes! Love the hubby!

Today has been another crazy day, another to do list not done...oh well there is always tomorrow.

Breakfast was peach yogurt and Cheerios with some coffee.
Lunch was a salad with celery, mushrooms, and Italian Dressing, with almonds and a Cadbury Creme Egg! Love the Easter Candy!

I have a dinner tonight at work so there will be pictures tomorrow and I will being 10 lb Slimdowing it again tonight.

On a different subject and this might be a little TMI for some people so I apologize now, but has anyone had any issues when they stop taking Birth Control Pills? I have stopped a few weeks ago now and the last few days every time I eat my stomach starts to bother me. Is this just me or has anyone else had this happen?

Thanks for the input and advice in advance!

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  1. im not taking BC pills but I have an IUD and i dont know if i can pin point my stomach issues to that but ive had bad stomach issues for a while = 1 year

    your hubby is really sweet to make you that step.