Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Fruits

I could not find my 10 lb Slimdown Yoga workout so I filled in with another yoga workout that I have that is about the same time and very flowy. I am really enjoying the workouts so I will need to check with Exercise TV about this Yoga one. So tomorrow is a rest day in my 30 day plan. I do not normally take rest days so this actually makes me nervous, but with a bunch of trips planned this summer I am thinking I might have to build in some more rest days. Any suggestions for how to handle a rest day?

Breakfast this morning was in no way healthy, but I have never claimed to be healthy all the time. There was a new little convenience store that opened up the street from our house back in January and hubby and I have been saying we would go for a visit at some point. So we went this morning and they actually have a good selection. Hubby got some breakfast burritos and I got a very yummy cream filled donut and a Fat Free French Vanilla Latte.
After some catching up on magazine reading today, we had lunch. To combat for breakfast, lunch was salad with mushrooms and STRAWBERRIES with balsamic dressing. Love berries and balsamic.
This afternoon I was again working on some weeknight meals (and meals for the SIL after the baby arrives!) but I will post on just that later. So dinner was risotto (some of which was frozen for the SIL). Risotto is actually so easy to make. Here is my recipe:
Place oil in heated pan
Add 1 onion and cook until translucent
Add 1 cup aborio rice and heat

Add 3 cups of heated water or stock 1 cup at a time
Add mushrooms, tomatoes, and cooked meat (we use corned beef per the recipe I got from my MIL)
Add cheese and serve

Hubby and I love making this. It might not look great but it is so good!!

For a little snack and since mom gave me some strawberries (and I bought some myself yesterday too) I had some berries dipped into chocolate.
Hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to a good week!

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