Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Atlantic City for work

Monday morning I had to hop on a bus with a group of students to head to AC for the night. As fun as this might sound I was just excited to be a big dork and catch-up with some blogging, reading, and emails. I had no plans but to spend time in my room and get in a few workouts. And that was exactly what I did!!

I checked in and then headed to the Zeytinia market in the Trop which I love! I knew I wanted to go hear because it is like a little market but a restaurant. I got a veggie panini for lunch, with a Pria bar for a snack and some Skinny Water. The gum and M&M's (peanut butter) were snacks for later.

After lunch I did 2 10 lb Slimdown workouts in my room (Total Body and Core). I put the workouts on my phone and brought my weights with me. It felt great to get in a workout and I think is helping my allergies. (I also brought my Netti to try and clear out my sinuses).

After some relaxing and getting caught up I headed back down to the market for dinner (mainly because I wanted so much at lunch I wanted to go back). Dinner was some antipasti salad, a little Greek salad and a scoop of Caesar salad. I also grabbed some fruit and Sweet Potato chips. With a side of Propel Berry water I was so happy with my meal. (And the M&M's as a snack).

I got a great night sleep and am finally starting to feel better today. I did some 10 lb Slimdown yoga first thing this morning then took a nice warm shower before heading downstairs for breakfast. I had my favorite Decaf Skinny Vanilla latte from Starbucks and some yogurt with honey, granola, and berries. It was a nice way to start the day.

I will be on the bus back during lunch so I got the following for lunch. An oatmeal raisin walnut Clif Bar, an apple, and the rest of the M&M's. I will be so happy to be home and only have to make dinner tonight!



  1. Love Terra chips and peanut M&Ms. Also, I think it's cute that you can see a corner of one of your Vera bags sticking out in the corner.

  2. You were about 15 minutes from me. I love the Trop. Pre motherhood I used to go to The Quarter at the Tropicana all the time :)

  3. Glad you noticed the Vera, not surprised. Jessica Trop is MY FAVORITE!!