Friday, May 28, 2010

Hibachi and OIAJ

Last night Hubby and I decided we wanted to go to our favorite Japanese place for dinner (we had a coupon and a Gift Card from Christmas - thanks Mom), so I got home and did my Yoga Slimdown workout before we headed out.

Akira here we come, with some Sam Adams since it is a BYOB and with us both being off work today we decided we deserved it!

I had the Blackberry, love this beer. We had a table to ourselves since it was a Thursday night so it was quite fun. Started with clear soup and salad.

I love the ginger dressing it is so good! Then the show and our food was ready. We both got combinations and shared. I had salmon and chicken (which hubby ate most of) and he had steak and shrimp.

Yummy! I have never had the salmon before and found it to be cooked so feel and nice and flaky. Always good to get those Omega 3's in!

Today is going to be a cleaning the house, doing laundry, working on projects we have to do kinda day. It started out with some tough Slimdown workouts, Upper and Lower Body, I was beat!

I did a little cleaning then stopped for breakfast. My first Oats in a Jar!! I was so excited to try these after seeing it all over the place. I made my oats (1/3 cup) plus water (2/3 cup) then put them in the PB jar with 1/2 an banana and blackberries. With a little French Press this was an AWESOME breakfast.

Back to work here's hoping that keeps me going!!

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  1. Glad to see you are experimenting with your oats! :)

    I find that I can't make OIAJ very often, because once I get down to that little nut butter left, I usually just want to scrape every little bit out with my spoon and put it immediately into my mouth...