Thursday, May 27, 2010

On to a fun weekend

Today is my last day of work before a nice 5 day weekend!! First to the normal stuff.I took a picture of my salad at yesterday's work meeting because it was so good!

It was from a local pizza place and had spinach, carrots, sun dried tomatoes, olives and feta. I had it without dressing and it was so good. Love an awesome salad!

Last night hubby was getting a haircut so I had time to workout before dinner. A lower body and core workout on the Slimdown and I felt great.

Dinner was nothing too special but we tried this frozen Chinese dinner I got.
The meal was very simple to prepare only took like 14 minutes and with a coupon this meal was pretty inexpensive too. (As you can see I had some of our Costco stir fry veggies to beef this up). But the flavor was great and hubby and I both enjoyed this meal a lot, would have just liked brown rice more.

Quiet night for us then it was fruit for breakfast to help clear out the fridge (and because I am trying to eat more fruits).

Tassimo Earl Gray with pineapple, banana, grapes and blueberries.

I am excited for lunch today too!
It is a sandwich on rye swirl bread with cucumber, turkey, honey mustard and Laughing Cow cheese. On the side our grades, and some Lindt chocolates.

The Vanilla Caramel Latte was a treat this morning because I was cold!

So what are your weekend plans for the holiday?

Hubby and I have a busy weekend. We are both off on Friday so we have a bunch of stuff to get done around the house. Saturday we are headed to a wedding for a college friend, so excited to see everyone! Then Sunday we are trying to see one of my college roommates before coming home. Monday we are hoping to relax and have dinner with my parents for our anniversary, then Tuesday I am home to get hubby's car serviced. So lots to do some fun some not so much. I hope to blog as much as possible but it might not be to consistent!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. im debating taking a MENTAL day off tomorrow. lord knows i need it. the weekend is packed with, dinner with gonna need to rest up for a tiring weekend.

  2. i LOVE that photo of y'alls wedding! you're so beautiful :) we MIGHT go camping this weekend, but i'm not 100% sure whether it's happening or not. otherwise my tired butt is sleeping in :)