Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love the month of May

I love the month of May because I use up the rest of my vacation time and don't actually work that much! Monday was another day off for me. I did a lot of nothing (mainly because I got a headache mid-day) but here are the eats!

Breakfast Green Monster with peaches and strawberries. Taste great but the color was gross. Just trying to get in more fruits and  leafy greens with the spinach.

I had some coffee while I watched Real Housewives of NJ. Love that show! I think because I live in Jersey I love that they plan on the stereotypes!

Lunch was caprese salad, SunChips, and more chocolate then I will admit. What is with me and the chocolate lately?

Dinner was Chicken Pot Pie Filling and a Knorr Side Plus.

Loved that the rice had a full serving of vegetables in it as well. Not 100% healthy but I nice quick side with starch and veggies.

I also tried the Almond Milk I bought in Hot Chocolate later in the night.

The almond milk is thicker then the soy I normally get but I enjoyed the taste and could see myself buying it again. Made an awesome hot chocolate (always good to have the calcium)

Breakfast today was Chobani (for the dairy high calcium) with strawberries and Cherrios and some coffee.

Lunch was a salad full of veggies from our favorite pizza place at work, followed by a little chocolate cake. I need to take a chocolate break and get in a hard workout today.

Does anyone else feel just not right after a few days of not eating 100% great?


  1. I just "discovered" Chobani pomegranate fruit on the bottom yogurt thanks to Fresh Direct and I am in love. Have you had that flavor yet? Also, show us what you bought!

  2. after not eating well for a few days i definitely feel bloated and my stomach is just out of whack. what knorr sides did you buy? have you tried other ones? Ive been meaning to try them but just dont want to be disappointed.

  3. I bought the Knorr Sides Roasted Chicken Flavor (it is the one in the link). I have the broccoli cheddar one to try as well. They are not amazing but since they have a serving of veggies with each serving of rice I feel like they are better then just the rice!