Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love Mid-week with 1 day to go

Happy Wednesday and so glad I only have 1 more day of work this week. I am trying to get back on track because I just feel a little off the last few days. Last night I came home to find Hubby had made us Shepard's pie from the freezer. Notice the "J" he put in my mashed potatoes. He can be so cute!

Dinner was followed by my 10 lb Slimdown Lower Body workout and relaxing on the couch. Since I am trying to cleanse myself of junk foods right now, I made a Earl Grey Tea Latte with Almond Milk and a little Splenda.

Breakfast was some oatmeal with strawberries (working on those pre-pregnancy good food choices) and coffee.

Lunch is a spinach salad (again on the pre-pregnancy good list) with almonds and balsamic dressing. Along side some Lindt Chocolates and an apple for later.

Hopefully this and a much of water will make me feel back to normal!
What do you like to eat to help cleanse your system?

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  1. ive never done a cleanse so I dont have an answer for you...sorry.

    your shepherds pie is so adorable :)

    p.s. tagged you for an award on my latest post.