Monday, August 2, 2010

Food Should Taste Good!

Hubby and I have been getting the Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips from Costco for a few months now and really love them as a healthy alternative to regular chips.

So I thought maybe I would send them an email to see about sampling other flavors (since Costco only has one). Well boy did my new friends at Food Should Taste Good come through. Hubby and I received this HUGE box of goodies!

Here are the 6 bags that they sent us!

Chocolate, Sweet Potato, Blue Corn, Jalapeno, Olive, and Cheddar (all the ones we really wanted were in here!) Hubby and I wanted to get right down to tasting but decided we would do it over time. 

The first ones we tried were Blue Corn. 
Since it is the same recipe as the Multigrain chips, Hubby and I thought these would be ones we would really like (also Hubby LOVES Blue Corn chips in general). While these chips are good, I found them to be a little bland and prefer the slightly more salty Multigrain chips. 

Next on the list was another sure to be Hubby favorite, jalapeno.
Hubby is a spicy food lover so these are right up his ally. I did like these chips a lot actually, they have a nice kick that hits you a little after you eat the chip, but nothing too extreme. 

He is Hubby's comment for these chips, "they are good, not too spicy but a good flavor.  A lot of things labeled jalapeno are just hot and don't have much taste"
Next on the trial list was sweet potato.
I had these with some hummus and veggies for dinner one night. The taste on these is AMAZING. They have a nice crunch with a salty sweet taste that is perfect if you love sweet potatoes. These are the BEST sweet potato chips I have ever tried.

Another lunch side was the Olive chips.
I was a little unsure about these but as a good Italian I gave them a try. With the mix of black, green, and kalamata olives they had a nice briney taste to them. You could actually taste the olive which hubby and I where both surprised by. The flavor is 100% olive and we both found this chip/cracker different and enjoyable.

Finally trial on the savor end is Cheddar.
The cheddar chips have a great cheddar flavor, similar to the multigrain but with the cheese. The cheese is like a powder on the chips and hubby and I both agree that a baked on cheddar would be much better. Besides that we are big fans.

My final chip taste test was Chocolate.

I was very excited to try these chips, I mean as a chocoholic how could I not be. The chips did not disappoint, although not overly chocolate in taste they have a nice cocoa flavor and a salty crunch with it. These would be great and a sweet and salty dessert or as an anytime chip.

Overall Hubby and I loved all the Food Should Taste Good Chips and will continue to buy them in place of other chips! Thanks again Food Should Taste Good for the AWESOME sample box.


  1. i thought the jalapeno would be spicy too but to my surprise they werent. you guys should really try them as nachos, like i did :)

  2. I will have to mention that to Hubby!