Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Around the house

I always feel like I find things that I want to change around the house (anyone else do that?). I was doing a demonstration at my mom’s a few weeks ago and remembered how much I love her drop leaf table in the kitchen!

You can kind of see the table here. I love her table because it has the left stored in the center and is so easy to open and close. We have a table with a leaf, but it is in the basement and a pain to go get it and bring it up and all that. But I guess I really can’t complain since we got our kitchen table from my Grandmother for nothing and it was exactly what I was planning on buying…..

So in other rooms around the house, I am thinking about our bedroom duvet cover….

Here is my problem, I like the cover but it has buttons on the bottom and I feel like I am always having to redo them. Which is quiet annoying to me, but I do like the cover and the new ones I like are really expensive. I am thinking that maybe I will just try to add a zipper to the end so that is will stay closed. Thoughts?

Happy Hump Day! Are you ready for Halloween?

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