Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you love tea?

I love tea and I know I am not alone. Well awhile ago (ok yes months ago) I posted about this tea giveaway I had won.

Well I finally got around to trying the tea maker. Let me tell you this thing is super easy and fun. First of all I love that this little maker comes with a “plate” to sit on and keep from making a mess. So to use it you place the tea you want in the bottom (I used green tea) then just add hot water and let it steep (you can also add water and microwave the whole thing if you want).

Once the tea is ready, you place the whole thing on top of any cup and let the cup activated the release and your tea is ready!

That is it, then you can just empty the leaves and put it in the dishwasher. So easy and so much fun. I am sorry I did not start using this before!

I am loving green tea right now, but what is your favorite tea flavor?


  1. tazo passion tea will always be my favorite. i love sweet teas :)

    interesting tea maker. is it hard to get the leaves out when you're cleaning it?

  2. So easy to clean actually I just ran some water in it and all the leaves came out!

  3. I love this thing so much! So glad you finally won one of my giveaways!