Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easy veggie filled dinners

We are still on out easy veggie dinner kick lately so any way we can add veggies to a dinner I am up for. Last week I remembered we still had some pasta sauce left from our Whole Foods visit back in August.  Pasta I thought would be easy but what to add to it…..

Enter sautéed shredded carrots and mushrooms. I then added the pasta sauce to this and cooked away. After the pasta was done that got added to the pan then served up with a little fresh parm on top.


Super simple and so tastey. What are your go to veggies to add to any meal? For me it is always carrots and mushrooms!

1 comment:

  1. usually broccoli or zucchini is my go-to addition for veggies. i usually have frozen broccoli in on hand for instances when i know my main dish wont have any veggies mixed in.