Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shopping Trips

I have had a busy few days but wanted to share some fun meals and a few shopping trips. Tuesday night Hubby and I went to Whole Foods for a 365 Everyday Value Tour. Hubby and I are trying to eat healthier foods without changing our budget. Should be interesting. We have realized that might cost us some time to really check out other stores to get good deals on stuff and vary our menus. Anyways back to Whole Foods we had a great tour by Jen, (thanks again for doing it) and learned some fun tips (like the small cheese bin). We also got a goody bag (1 each) with....

We got 2 things of pasta, pasta sauce, cereal bars, and chocolate milk (all for under $10 Jen said). I was so excited and hubby and I got different pasta sauces and cereal bars too! It was a fun trip.

Since it was past dinner time Hubby and I grabbed food at Wendy's (pretty healthy for fast food in my opinion). 
I tried the new Apple Pecan Chicken Salad and it was really great and nice and fresh. Way to go Wendy's! (And yes maybe we went there for the Frosty Float I really wanted....)

Wednesday morning I finished up my beer bread french toast bites with some raspberries and Earl Grey. 

It was a busy Wednesday with work meeting, but that meant we had extra sandwiches that could come home for dinner!
Left is portabella, mozzarella, and red pepper, right is grilled chicken with cranberry mayo, lettuce and tomato.

I also stopped at Whole Foods on the way home (yes 2 times in 2 days) because it was Hummus Wednesday. 2 tubs of hummus for $3 I had to go back.
Roasted red pepper and caramelized onion with pita chips, and Wallaby Yogurt that was on sale as well. All for $10! I had to stop.

We tried the yogurts for breakfast today and they are quite yummy (with a little Cheerios addition)

I will be back with a money and time saving dinner tonight!

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  1. have you tried the sun dried tomato hummus? i dont remember the brand but its pretty good. i havent been able to find it at stores but costco sells it in tubs.

    thats quite a deal @ Whole Food.s