Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ending the weekend on a dark note!

I typed this post from my phones because although I got my new laptop set up, I have no internet without power and our power has been out since an afternoon thunderstorm.

So let's do a food recap from the weekend, Saturday morning I made french toast bites with leftover beer bread. Just dip in soy milk and cinnamon and brown up. Topped with blue berries it was perfect.

While the puppy was getting a haircut, I got some sun/caught up on some magazines and got in a great Exercise TV workout.

Lunch was simple with some veggies and Food Should Taste Good chips.The bean came from my aunts garden and she had just steamed then with a little salt before sending them to me.

The afternoon was spent getting this baby all set up.

I love my new laptop and although totally not needed I will so enjoy it!

For dinner we actually went to my parents because they need help with a few projects, and got homemade pasta sauce gravy and meatballs!

Love my mom's sauce, with a little salad and wine so perfect!

After a walk with the puppy this bowl might have made it into my belly.

Sunday morning I was craving eggs. So hubby and I had pouched eggs on toast with a little cheese and hot sauce. Also a Morningstar Farm patty made it on my plate.

The morning held more time in the sun and some Slimdown yoga before we headed out for some errands. We ended up at Costco and I was not really hungry but did call this my lunch:

Yeah I know...

Once the power went out I spent some time with my Borders e-reader on the laptop and was enjoying this book

Full review later.

Since we did not want to open the fridge dinner was a Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich and Popchips.

I have not had one of these in so long, it was awesome. We spent the night just hanging out with no power...

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  1. youll have to let me know how you like that toshiba because im thinking of getting my brother a toshiba for school.