Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally some time off

So glad to have the weekend here. I have been working for 12 days straight and am just happy to have time off starting this afternoon. Although I have been very productive at work this morning which is always a great feeling.

Dinner last night was quick because Hubby and I planned on a 365 Value Tour at Whole Foods (the woman had left early so our tour did not happen -insert sad face here ). Back to dinner...I made a quick cucumber salad for us.

Ingredients ready to go. We peeled this 2 cucumbers then sliced them and chopped 1/4 of the onion. Added some salt to drain in a colander. Then mixed the white vinegar 1 TBSP with 1 tsp of sugar and some fresh chives and it was set to go. t
On the side of a Barber Chicken Stuffer it was perfect.

Since we were out and not at Whole Foods, we decided to do some research for a project that Hubby is working on with his amazing wood projects and check out the laptop I wanted. (And yes I know that this laptop is pretty simple but since I just want it for going online and taking with us when we travel it is actually perfect and a great price.) Well after seeing it and liking it Hubby and I left Best Buy with it! The website said our store did not have it but when they did Hubby said to use my birthday money and I could not be happier! Can't wait to play with it this weekend!!!

We got home later then I planned so I gave myself yesterday off or working out but will be all over it when I get home today!

Breakfast was Chobani raspberry and Cheerios with a make at home Vanilla Latte. This was Tassimo Cappuccino and Vanilla Syrup

Lunch was easy as well

Almond butter sandwich again because it was so yummy, an apple, rest of last night's cucumber salad, and a chocolate covered mint cookie. Love my chocolate creations.

Time to head out to clean the house and get that workout in before heading out to dinner with the 'rents!

Any fun weekend plans? Mine are to get organized around the house!

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