Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Busy weekend

Friday afternoon I got all my errands done and got my chores around the house done. When I got home I did Upper and Core 10 lb Slimdown and then had some dinner. It was a mixed plate but hit the spot.

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips (full review coming soon), carrots, cucumber and hummus. The Clif bar was traded in for a Sam Adams Blackbery Wheat later in the evening.

Saturday was a busy day with projects and helping my mom so some thing. I got in a Total and Core Slimdown in the AM. Then Hubby made us a yummy naan breakfast pizza.
This was mushroom, egg and a little cheese. So yummy we cooked the naan while we scrambled the egg put it all on the naan and into the oven it went.

In the afternoon I decided to make some more Wilton candies. This is such a stress-buster for me.

Here is my work station, coloring melted chocolate, PB and molds!

Pink hearts ready for the fridge. PB cups being filled!
Finished hearts and Chocolate covered Mint Sandwich cookies!
And just because they came out so well here are the PB cups!

Dinner was simple since we had been busy all day. Roasted veggies by my messy chef!

Just some carrots, squash and mushrooms with olive oil into the oven at 425 degrees for 30 mins. With a side of egg white quiche it was a great dinner.

Sunday was a bit of a whirlwind because of Baby Charlotte's Baptism. Hubby was the Godfather! We stopped on the way up for some Starbucks (love the hubby) and go there in plenty of time to help set up something for the party.

Here is a picture of us with Hubby's Family

Here are the tables all set up in the backyard

Cake that my MIL made, so good chocolate with raspberry filling!

And maybe some extra icing for me:)

It was a great day, just very warm and busy.

Anyone do anything fun this weekend?


  1. i got a mean racerback tan! i guess thats what i get for running when the sun is at its highest and hottest. im not too bright.

    love your chocolate creations.

  2. Thanks, I am thinking about making it into a little business venture:) I will have to send you some when the weather cools down!